Silver will tarnish. If you use silver jewelry cleaner, please read the instructions on
the bottle carefully. Some gemstones cannot be placed in silver jewelry cleaner.
We recommend that you purchase a silver polishing cloth and wipe the jewelry
clean. Avoid touching the gemstone as much as possible when polishing.
We use
Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes quite frequently and you can purchase these at
most retail stores

Avoid chlorine bleach. It is harmful to silver. It has an oxidizing affect on the metal
and will turn silver black. Antiqued silver should not be placed in ultrasonic

BM Studios Silver Treasures provides a silver tarnish strip with each purchase.
Place this strip in your jewelry box to provide extra protection against tarnish for
approximately 6 months. Strip may be used with silver, nickel, copper, bronze,
brass, tin and gold.